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tv   ABC 13 News at 11  ABC  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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3 mark tonight -- a live look at the scene in appomattox.. about 36 hours after a tornado hit the area and left behind a trail of destruction. 3 mark tight tonight.. the outpouring of support for that tight-knit community is beyond belief. a tornado can cause destruction, death and despair.. but it can't destroy the heart of the people. courtney wheaton joins us live in appomattox.. with one woman's unique gift.court live u mark, donations of food and water have been pouring in all day..but what this woman is offering is unlike anything we've seen yet. 3 3 "here's another bath, a washer and dryer and this leads down to the basement."jessica pack is opening up her heart and her home. after a tornado ripped through her community she felt compelled to help. "i'm a registered nurse and all of us like to fix things and make things better." to do that, she came up with an idea to offer her home to a family
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water, but what better way to help than open your home"she put her house on the market two years ago and it has yet to sell. it's fully furnished.. and she says it's the ideal space for a family with small children. 3 " it's perfect for a 3 small boy, it was me and my son that lived here and this was his room."pack says she wants to give them everything they could possibly need. " i'm actually going to bring my old dishes silverware so they family doesn't have to worry about anything"all that, and the house.. free of charge.she just asks that whoever moves in.. pay the electric bill. neighbor.. helping neighbor." we want to keep them in the community we don't want them having to go to lynchburg or surrounding areas their home is appomattox."
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details on how to get in contact with jessica -- that information will be on our website wset dot com tonight with this story. live in appomattox, courtney wheaton, abc 13 news. 3 mark one step in the recovery process is getting the insurance adjusters out. allstate set up its mobile catastrophe center at evegreen baptist church. officials tell us.. wind damage, including tornadoes, is covered under a basic home insurance policy. they say.. families should begin taking photos of the damage while they wait for adjusters. and if you're having trouble reaching your agency, they will have special catastrophe numbers on the company's websites. 3 mark box liberty university is helping with recovery efforts. a group of students who are part of l-u send now.. spent the day helping.. by doing whatver was needed. l-u send now is the university's emergency response team. one team just got back from greece. another is being sent to flint- michigan. students will be in appomattox as
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they're also excused from university classes to work. 3 mark tight right after the twister touched down.. help came fast. it came from surrounding communities.. and right there in appomattox. marissa para is live there tonight.. with the story of neighbors.. helping neighbors. marissa live u we've seen how strong the tornado was, but now we are seeing how strong the appomattox community is. it's going to be a long road, but volunteers at evergreen baptist church are doing everything they can to ease the pain of their journey. 3 3 volunteer dana ranson says the damage in her hometown hasn't fully sunk in.dana ranson, volunteer: "it's the quaintest community, the friendliest community, and it's just so sad to see the construction that's taken place." (6 secs) she and countless other volunteers wanted victims to know they aren't they organized a donation drive. dana ranson, volunteer: "there are people that have been coming in and they've lost everything, and they're just coming in to get some basic supplies." (7 secs)john williford, volunteer: "they're
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to grab totes, and grab whatever necessities they need." (6 secs)and volunteer john williford of evergreen baptist church has them covered.john williford, volunteer: "non-perishible itemsa& 3 toysa&" (2 secs)john williford, volunteer: "paper products, bottles of water, gatoradea&" (3 secs)craig ranson, volunteer: "we've got shovels, we've got diesel generators, we've got power cords, we've got people that are certified and able to make the connections." (8 secs) john williford, volunteer: "personal hygiene products, plates, paper towelsa& whatever you need."putting their homes and lives 3 back together will take time... dana ranson, volunteer: "they're still in shock, we're in shock with them.."but helping hands make light work. craig ranson, volunteer: "this is one small way i can give back to the community and help the folks that are coworkers of mine and employees of mine." dana ranson, volunteer: "there's no doubt that they're going to build it back up. it's going to take some time, but they're going to make it
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3 marissa live u they aren't taking clothing donations at this time because they already have plenty. but they are asking everyone to spread the word- they want these items to go into the hands that need them. live in appomattox, marissa parra, abc 13 news. 3 mark for those in appomattox with security concerns officials have a plan. state police tell us.. that unless you have a placard displayed in your vehilce.. beginning tomorrow.. you will not be allowed to go in to the evergreen neighborhood. if you're trying to help a family you know.. reach out to them and ask for one of the placards. state police say.. anyone without a placard will be turned away. 3 mark tight officials in that area tell us that right now.. they don't have a need for individual volunteers. they are only taking volunteers from "vetted" and "insured" disaster relief agencies. officials wanted to thank everyone for their willingness to serve. but if you'd like to lend a hand.. register with an official relief organization.
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when the true spirit of a 3 community reveals itself.3 3 3 mark abc 13 can help with your questions about.. where to volunteer.. how to donate.. where to take your pets.. or what the help line number is. our website.. wset dot com.. has all that and more. you can also get it on our abc 13 facebook fan page. 3 mark plasma tonight -- an investigation into an officer involved shooting in roanoke.. we were on the scene as the man shot was sent to the
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straight ahead.3 3 mark box gov. terry mcauliffe signed into law legislation that is the result of a rare compromise between republicans and democrats. the legislation will allow more out-of-state permit holders to legally carry firearms in virginia. it will also prohibit people subject to protective orders from carrying firearms. and, police will be required at gun shows for voluntary background checks. mcauliffe called it a historic agreement.. and the start of a new era in virginia. 3 mark the u-s house is set to review a bill that would protect employers who report violent behavior of former employees. congressman bob goodlatte introduced the measure in light of the w-d-b-j shootings.. 6-months ago today. the bill would allow a current employer to pass along anything having to
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the workplace to a potential employer.. *without* fear of legal action. goodlatte says.. w-d-b-j was not given information that would have been "useful" about the shooter, vester flanagan. 3 mark next -- a look at your forecast with chief meteorologist george flickinger.. plus -- details on how to get involved in appomattox.
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3 george 3 mark tight it can be easy to get confused about what to do with all the debris from the tornado in appomattox. here's what officials want you to do. county officials don't want you to take it to trash collection or convenience centers. natural debris can be taken to the appomattox county landfill. they're extending hours right now. the national guard and regional hazmat personnel will be on-site to separate hazardous materials. they also say.. to make sure when you move the debris that it's secure in your car
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3 mark tight a lot of you have been asking how you can donate. the county has sent a list of places that are secure. for financial donations, you can write a check to the american red cross and specify it's for the appomattox disaster. for non perishable donations -- you can take things to the appomattox community center, liberty baptist church, and the lynchburg fire department. 3 mark box gleaning for the world is also collecting items tomorrow at the sam's club in lynchburg and the walmart in appomattox from 10 until 6. they're looking for non perishable food items, personal care items, cleaning supplies, pet supplies and other necessities. we have all the donation information.. including addresses and phone numbers.. at tonight. 3 mark plasma just in the last hour, roanoke county police confirmed an officer shot a man in the cave spring area annie andersen was on the scene. she talked to a man who witnessed the whole
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3 (thomas gill, called 911) "i just did what anybody else would do; i'm no hero."but his actions could have saved many lives.(gill)"i saw a guy with a bandana over his face and my headlights came right behind him and whether it was the flash or the lights outside on my headlights, i saw his gun. he was waving it at cars and he turned around and he's waving it at me. "that was around 7:15.gill says he called 911 and went to a safe place to wait for police(amy whitaker, public information officer, roanoke county) "officers then arrived on scene and they confronted the subject which was just up from the walgreens parking lot. there was an officer involved shooting that took place." (gill) ("as i was pulling in, i heard at least 5 gunshots." gill says he doesn't know if the man aimed the gun at police but he did hear the police giving commands.(gill) : "did they identify themselves as police?""yes."police say the man with the bandana was taken to the hospital... but they don't know his condition. (whitaker) "he was alive when he was transported to the hospital?""i believe so." police expect electric road to be closed into the early morning hours as they continue
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county annie andersen abc 13 news3 3 mark plasma next - it's time for full court press with dennis carter and dave walls. regional play is wrapping up. we have the best
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roanoke.. next. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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3 3 welcome to week 8 of full court press. with dave walls, i'm dennis carter. we've got our new top 13's, cheerleaders and player of the week, the trifecta. but first, let's go to regional tourney highlights. 3 on to magna vista and the 3a west girls, the warriors battled the brookville bees. magna vista up 7 at the break - in the 3rd, taisha deshazo with
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kayla cabiness on the fast break, but her shot it blocked by the bees alexis rosser. brookville rallies late, hannah young with the drive and the foul! 18 points for her, but it's not enough. ocean adams - through 4 defenders - gets the bucket to fall. magna vista beats the bees 40-31. vicky hayes, magna vista head coach - "battle and play hard. and that we're good enough to be here. you know, and i think that's the biggest message for us, that we gotta believe that we belong.they really care about each other, i can say it's been one of my best seasons so far." 3 3 hidden valley locked horns with spotswood in the championship game. 1st quarter, sawyer freeland on the fast break, finds hailey singleton under the hoop for two. later, sister drew freeland swivels past two defenders, and the shot...will...eventually..fall! end of the first, watch the beautiful passing inside for the spotswood layup as time expires! this would come down to the wire. drew freeland hits two free throws with 5 seconds left. hidden valley edges spotswood 60-59.
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west semifinals, dan river beat graham, martinsville edged gate city 65-64. in the 3a west third-place game, cave spring 64, western albemarle 56. and radford a winner in 1a west semifinal action.girls scores, vaca semis... that's not a misprint, timberlake beat westover 19-9, westover slowed it down. stuart hall beat temple 54-29. 3 it's time for the best three plays of the week inside the trifecta. number three from wednesday night, altavista's mateo maulbeck drives to the hoop, shields the defender and hits the tough shot, altavista beat mathews. number two from tuesday, heritage sharing the ball nicely, caleb snead's shot won't go but he stays with it for the putback, two for number 2.and number one from monday, malik knox of e.c. glass with the pick- pocket, drives and hits the off-balance shot, and draws the foul.malik knox of e.c.
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3 our seventh full court press player of the week honor goes to yessenia garay of hidden valley. garay and the hidden valley titans won the regional title tonight by one over spotswood. in their semifinal game last night against magna vista, garay stepped up when her team needed it the most, scoring 9 of her 18 points in the fourth quarter in the titans' win over the warriors. yessenia garay, hidden valley forward - "after we came out in the second half, we had a talk at halftime, we had to come out with more energy. but i couldn't do it without my team, my team is, you it. you know, we all work together. that's what makes it fun, we have love for each other, so it all just adds together, and it makes it a lot more fun on the court." 3 3 time now for 3 our new fcp boys top 13. the northside vikings remain at number one with radford two. martinsville is third, followed by dan river, altavista, g.w., william byrd, cave spring, e.c. glass and hargrave military. rounding out the top 13, rustburg, l.c.a. and v.e.s. for the first time this season, we have a new number one girls team. hidden valley
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william fleming moving up to two, brookville drops to three after losses the last two nights, floyd county is four, magna vista five. lord botetourt slips to six, then chatham, g.w., timberlake up to nine and parry mccluer 10. glenvar, l.c.a. and poll-buster carlisle complete the top 13. 3 still to come on fcp, we narrow our first team all-full court press 10. 3 and we've got highlights from today's odac men's quarterfinals
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3 "we're the heritage cheerleaders and you're watching full court press on abc 13." 3 we begin with the 3a west boys championship game, the northside vikings taking on the trailblazers of spotswood. at the start of the seconds, it's northside's carlos basham to nick price for a 3 pointer. but then-- from the floor spotswood's cameron irvine sets off a play ending with a quick layup by justin kier. just a minute later, it's northside again, with shey webb behind the back for 2. the vikings were on a roll. here's devin russell for 3.
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46. 3 two weeks ago, we started with 20 boys and 20 girls, now we've cut it to 10 and 10. here's a look at the 10 boys finalists for first-team all-full court press. in alphabetical order, zemar anderson of dan river, jay barber l.c.a., damon childress william byrd, brody hicks cave spring, devonnte holland martinsville.mike jones of rustburg, tj jones of e.c. glass, sacha killeya-jones v.e.s., patrick robinson of g.w. and kendrick tucker of northside. the girls finalists - hannah coulling of salem, darian finnerty of timberlake, hidden valley's drew freeland, molly hassell lord botetourt, gabby mcclelland roanoke catholic. hailey singleton of hidden valley, kayla smith l.c.a., brittany turner martinsville, ragan wiseman of floyd county and hannah young of brookville. we'll announce the top 5 boys and girls who make the first team all-fcp two weeks from tonight, march
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3 we're now down to the final four in the odac men's tournament. top-seeded lynchburg college knocked off number 8 hampden-sydney in today's first game. the hornets start on a 10-0 run, but it's tied at 32 late in the 1st half. off the miss, odac player of the year alex graves spins for the one handed putback for the lead. then a.j hamilton dials long distance for three! lynchburg closes the half on a 12-2 run, capped by lyndon white's trey at the buzzer! in the 2nd, hamilton on the break - the hoop and the foul! graves a double-double, 5 hornets in double figures, lynchburg rolls over hampden-sydney 90-67. 3 the hornets will face 5 seed emory & henry in tomorrow night's 6 o'clock semifinal. john shelor buried a couple of 3s in the opening four minutes to help the wasps race to an early lead over fourth-seeded guilford, shelor had six 3s and 22 points. aaron ferguson led emory & henry with 23. they knock off the quakers 91-81. 3 in tonight's final game,
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three seed roanoke college. all-odac first team player zach desgain led four wildcats in double figures with 20. odac first-teamer joey miller led roanoke with 14. 3 randolph will face second-seeded virginia wesleyan tomorrow night at 8. the marlins rolled over randolph-macon 78-52. 3 so here's the odac tournament slate of games tomorrow. two women's semifinal games in the afternoon, top-seeded lynchburg squares off with number 4 washington & lee at 1 followed by emory & henry and guilford at the men's semifinals, top-seeded lynchburg faces number 5 emory & henry, they split in the regular season both winning at home. and randolph will battle virginia wesleyan in the 8 o'clock semifinal. 3 other college hoops tomorrow, there's a huge game in charlottesville. espn college gameday is there for the third-ranked cavaliers hosting acc leader number 7 north carolina, 6:30 tip at plays host to gardner-webb at noon. citadel coach duggar baucom returns to
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team vmi.longwood plays at radford, and the lu women host longwood at 3. flames coach carey green goes for career win number 400. 3 lu baseball coach jim toman picked up career win number 300 today as the flames beat marshall 9-8. kurt busch won the pole at atlanta after brother kyle busch's car failed a post-race inspection. also, the e.c. glass 4-by-800 relay team broke the meet record today in 4a state track at liberty. holly carrington, kami decarmo, libby davidson and maddie rennyson ran a 9:21 to win the state title. staunton river's jordan patty set a new meet record in the 3a shot put. that does it for week 8 of full court press. thanks for watching. we'll be back with
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after this. >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kerry washington, nikolaj coster-waldau, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from jason derulo with cleto and the cletones. and now, nobody move, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome to the show, i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming.


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